Our Mission

Our mission, will aim to reducing disparities of cancer-related mortality in Europe through abolition of tobacco, educational campaigns to a correct diet and lifestyle, increasing screening, focusing on genetics and precision oncology to identify high-risk individuals, and on tertiary prevention to reduce second cancer risk. The application of these approaches could reduce cancer mortality by 35% and increase cancer survival to 70% in 2070. 

Our Future

We have seen major cancers declining in the last century in Western countries but overall the success is partial and new threats are emerging.  Of course we would like to end ECP someday when all cancers could be efficiently prevented. But this is not going to happen.

There is a clear need to watch the registries and how they evolve.  In general, cancer incidence should continue to decline in all parts of the world.  And here is the first challenge, developing countries seem to go to the same cancer increase as the developed countries did in the last century.  This has to be prevented.  So the first goal is to concentrate on these countries where we see an increase in some types of cancer.

The second goal is to continue prevention programs and promote healthy lifestyles.  In areas where there is a good screening, mortality drops.  Even for breast cancer and despite the controversies in screening methods, there is strong evidence that secondary prevention is efficacious and that there is much room for improvement.  I’m thinking of better endoscopic screening, newer imaging tools, better selection through taking into account of polymorphisms, introduction of molecular biology, more patient friendly tissue harvesting etc.

Since the founding of ECP in 1981 the Society has been through many storms but has survived many times and is the now the oldest Society entirely devoted to cancer prevention with strong credentials and great ambition.


Promote research in cancer prevention in Europe


Organize an active cooperation at the European level in that field


Inform the medical profession and the public of progress in the potential to prevent cancer.

Join Us

The European Cancer Prevention Organization (ECP) invites individuals and organizations to take part in the fight against cancer. It has been clearly demonstrated that the giant power of prevention can reduce substantially cancer mortality; provided that we all contribute. 

Based on the individual area of expertise or natural talents, we can make a strong team that can investigate causes of cancer, identify intermediate markers that predict the disease before it happens, and build strategies to prevent cancer or to detect cancer at the very earliest stage. All these steps in cancer prevention can be integrated in a global enterprise. For this prestigious endeavour we need your skills and expertise and ask you to join the Organization.
You may want to apply in one of two membership categories, each with plenty of benefits, which will prove to be a valuable tool in your daily work. You will enter an open and rapid growing society that is proud to have you as member.  

Please take a short moment to reflect on some of the advantages of the membership. 

The European Journal of Cancer Prevention 

The European Journal of Cancer Prevention has established its position as a leading forum in the field for dissemination of original research. With the explosion in recent years of high-quality research, the need for swift publication has become of paramount importance. Recognizing this demand, the Editor ensures that every accepted paper appears in the next issue to press. The quality of the manuscripts and strong selection procedures guarantee the high standards of published materials. Members of ECP have the Journal at their desk a greatly reduced price and have free access to the electronic version at the Publisher’s website. 

The Editorial Office Help Desk 

One of the drawbacks of preventive research is the poor financial support in performing the studies and, particularly, the preparations of manuscripts. The EOHD combines a group of experienced researchers, statisticians and editors that can be of great help in giving advice on study and statistics design of a project. In addition, your manuscript draft can be evaluated and commented before submission. The EOHD functions are completely separate from the editorial activity for submitted papers to the Journal. 


Travel Grants 

ECP is able to provide travels grants to young scientists. With your membership you can participate in the selection process. 


Free lodging during and access to ECP supported scientific meetings 

As member of ECP you will be able to have free lodging during the ECP supported meetings. In addition, registration is waived. 



Please read carefully your options and fill in the membership application form. Membership Categories 

Junior member for only 75 Euro 

Available to trainees or researchers during training or 3 year immediately following the completion of the training program. 

Substantially reduced registration fees for the ECP annual meeting and for all meetings that are supported by ECP (listed in the Web site of ECP).  

Substantially reduced housing registration for the ECP annual meeting and for all meetings that are supported by ECP.  

Receives a certificate of membership
Application requirements
Sponsorship of ECP member
Completed membership application form 

Registration fee to ECP: 75 € 

Senior member for only 230 Euro 

Open for all academics, non-academic health care professionals, involved in cancer prevention. 

Receives the European Journal of Cancer Prevention at a substantial reduced price
Substantially reduced registration fees for the ECP annual meeting and for all meetings that are supported by ECP
Right to be part of and to vote on ECP committees and functions
Receives a certificate of membership
Access to the Editorial Office Help Desk
Application requirements
Sponsorship of ECP member
Completed membership application form 

Registration fee to the Journal and ECP: 230 €