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Giovanni Corso

After continuous increases in cancer rates until the late 1980’s or early 1990’s, the last two decades have seen leveling and a subsequent decline of cancer mortality in Europe, and rates in 2010 in most European countries are 15% to 20% lower that the peak ones registered in the late 1980’s (Malvezzi et al., 2011).

The European Journal of Cancer Prevention (EJCP) was funded at the peak of the cancer epidemic in Europe, with the major aim to contribute to its control. It was clear at that time that the key measure for cancer control was prevention, including essentially stopping smoking, but also reduction of alcohol, changes in diet and elimination of occupational carcinogens. Over the last few years, the EJCP has monitored and provided relevant impact to all the major areas of cancer prevention and control. This was not only realized by bringing scientists together in a forum that allowed strong feeds to a broad field of research areas. Governments, health care workers, and individuals at particular risks found the way to the Journal and based major life style change initiatives on the contents of many papers.

The issues of interest include monitoring of trends in cancer incidence and mortality across Europe, defining individual cancer risk (Goossens and De Greve, 2010) and quantify the recent leveling and declines in colorectal (Parkin et al., 2009; van Steenbergen et al., 2009; Coviello et al., 2010; Crocetti et al., 2010), as well as lung, breast and female genital tract cancers and several other neoplasms (Faure et al., 2009; Kellert et al., 2009; Lacour et al., 2010; Marcos-Gragera et al., 2010; Martin-Lopez et al., 2010; La Vecchia, 2011). Similar trends have been observed, and were monitored by the EJCP in other areas of the world as well (Diaz Mdel et al., 2009; Lorenzo-Luaces Alvarez et al., 2009; Rozen et al., 2009; Andreatta et al., 2010; Chatenoud et al., 2010; Harirchi et al., 2010; Niclis et al., 2010).

A key attention has been given to tobacco, which remains the major preventable cause of cancer and cancer death in Europe. In most European countries, tobacco control has improved over the last two decades, although there have been substantial delays between quantification of tobacco-related cancer risk and adoption of effective measures on a population scale, and substantial differences in tobacco control remain across various European countries and within countries across socio-economic strata of the population. These differences demonstrate once more and even today the powerful negative impact of tobacco on general health. Monitoring tobacco control deserves therefore continuing attention (Ferketich et al., 2009a; Ferketich et al., 2009b; Hilgert et al., 2009; Polesel et al., 2009; Spadea et al., 2009; Verla-Tebit et al., 2009; Hertrampf et al., 2010).

Alcohol is another well recognized cause of cancer. Alcohol consumption has substantially decreased over the last three decades in France, Italy, and other countries of southern Europe, but has increased and remains exceedingly high in Central and Eastern Europe. Thus, attention on the role of alcohol in cancer causation across Europe, and on interventions on alcohol reduction has to be maintained, particularly in central and eastern Europe (Ishiguro et al., 2009; Lagiou et al., 2009; Pelucchi and La Vecchia, 2009; Goldstein et al., 2010; Hjartaker et al., 2010). Focus needs to be held on the relationship of alcohol consumption and socio-economic situations, in particular with regard to a rapid changing economical atmosphere.

Since its start, the EJCP has devoted considerable interest in aspects of diet and nutrition, including measures of body mass, metabolic disorders and physical activity, on cancer risk. After two decades of accumulating research on diet, nutrition and cancer, quantification of their role on cancer risk remains largely open to discussion. Hence additional attention is requested for better focusing cancer prevention interventions on a public health scale and in particular on children. The available data spans from basic research in rodents, to epidemiology, to population interventions. All these areas have been covered by the EJCP over recent years, and remain among its priorities in the foreseeable future (Almquist et al., 2009; Baumeister et al., 2009; Boffetta et al., 2009; Carnide et al., 2009; Engeset et al., 2009; Inoue et al., 2009; Iranshahi et al., 2009; Kountouri et al., 2009; Mann et al., 2009; Mathew et al., 2009; Panneerselvam et al., 2009; Papadopoulos et al., 2009; Paschke et al., 2009; Rhee et al., 2009; Sangeetha et al., 2009; Solanas et al., 2009; Tavani et al., 2009; Wang et al., 2009; Alexander et al., 2010; Alfonso et al., 2010; Ataee et al., 2010; Deandrea et al., 2010; Fagherazzi et al., 2010; Fares et al., 2010; Hellmann et al., 2010; Jedrychowski et al., 2010; Leem et al., 2010; Liebens et al., 2010; Maskarinec et al., 2010; Mu et al., 2010; Olsen et al., 2010; Peng et al., 2010; Rabstein et al., 2010; Roswall et al., 2010; Sonoda et al., 2010; Tanwar et al., 2010; Williams, 2010).

Cancer screening, surveillance and early diagnosis have also substantially contributed to the control of colorectal, cervical, breast cancers, and perhaps skin melanoma and prostate cancer. Monitoring all these activities on a population scale has been, and will remain, a key focus for cancer control in Europe, and an area of priority interest for the EJCP (Agorastos et al., 2009; Alves et al., 2009; Cornelis et al., 2009; Dimitrakaki et al., 2009; Hartman et al., 2009; Kapp et al., 2009; Kovacs et al., 2009; Luo et al., 2009; Nielsen et al., 2009; Oh et al., 2009; Peuvrel et al., 2009; Quereux et al., 2009; Sperati et al., 2009; Vutuc et al., 2009; Botelho et al., 2010; Boulet et al., 2010; Branstrom et al., 2010; D’Ambrosio et al., 2010; de Maleissye et al., 2010; Fortes et al., 2010; Goldshtein et al., 2010; Harries et al., 2010; Kaur and Sanyal, 2010; Loehberg et al., 2010; Panagoulopoulou et al., 2010; Quereux et al., 2010; Vermeer and Van den Muijsenbergh, 2010; Zografos et al., 2010).

Finally, chemoprevention has a relevant role for reducing risk of selected cancer sites, particularly of the colorectum and of hormone-related sites. This field (again, from cells to rodents, to clinical trials, to populations) has substantially developed over the last two decades, and continuum attention has been given to it by the EJCP (Gatenby et al., 2009; La Vecchia and Bosetti, 2009; Wang et al., 2009; Yuan et al., 2009; Zucchetto et al., 2009; Bojkova et al., 2010; Bonifazi et al., 2010; Bosetti et al., 2010; Choi et al., 2010; Tian et al., 2010).

Over the next years, the EJCP will further focus on these key areas of cancer control and prevention, with the aim of monitoring and contributing to a further reduction in cancer mortality in Europe, by at least 15% from now to 2025 (La Vecchia, 2011).


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