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The ECP is a no-profit social promotion association regularly registered in the “Registro Unico Nazionale del Terzo Settore” (RUNTS), already founded in the early 1980s in London as a scientific organization by a group of pioneers who recognized the possibility of prevent cancer in a similar way to preventing cardiovascular disease.

The founders of the ECP came from several European countries and were led by Professor Michael J. Hill, who had a strong scientific impact in the field of cancer prevention. The main objective of the ECP was, and is, to study and promote cancer prevention through scientific research, epidemiology and comparative study between different populations.

The ECP has carried out comparisons between different regions, such as between Southern countries with a Mediterranean diet and Northern and Scandinavian ones, or between East and West: these comparisons have contributed to a better understanding of risk and protective factors for cancer and have influenced the prevention strategies adopted.

The creation of the European Journal of Cancer Prevention was a natural consequence of the need for a dedicated platform for the publication of research and studies on cancer prevention. The journal provides a space for the dissemination of scientific discoveries in the field of cancer prevention and has had a significant impact on the understanding and application of preventive and effective strategies becoming an important reference point for researchers, scientists and healthcare professionals committed to cancer prevention.


Your donation, whether small or large, can open new horizons of care and improve the state of health of us and our future generations. Cancer can be prevented!

James Scott

1981-1991 (Leeds, Regno Unito)

Michael Hill

1992-2003 (Londra, Regno Unito)

Jaak Ph. Janssens

2004-2022 (Hasselt, Belgio)

Giovanni Corso

2023-in carica (Milano, Italia)

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