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ECP is proud to publish, together with Wolters Kluwer, the European Journal of Cancer Prevention where outstanding science is communicated on all topics of cancer prevention.

The European Journal of Cancer Prevention has established its position as a leading forum in the field for dissemination of original research. With the explosion in recent years of high-quality research, the need for swift publication has become of paramount importance. Recognizing this demand, the Editor ensures that every accepted paper appears in the next issue to press. The quality of the manuscripts and strong selection procedures guarantee the high standards of published materials. Members of ECP have the Journal at their desk a greatly reduced price and have free access to the electronic version at the Publisher’s website.

The PEER-review process of the Eur J of Cancer Prev is a serious, necessary, and time consuming process we need to continue in order to keep the Journal progressing.  And, being member of the Editorial Office for many years now, I know what it takes to offer the best review to authors and the Journal. Once more I have to thank the many members of ECP and reviewers who are actively involved and keeping up the great work.

The Publisher, Wolters Kluwer, is now offering CME points to reviewers who contribute in an active and qualitative way to this review process.  For each well done review process the reviewer will now be able to earn CME credits.  These will be automatically sent to the reviewers once they complete the review process in an outstanding way.

Participants in any US CME activity that is accredited by the ACCME will need to take their certificate of participation to their local accrediting body for approval of the credits. This approval is dependent on the participants’ local accrediting body and designation of credit is solely up to that group. This varies from country to country and in some case from region to region.

Giovanni Corso – (Milan, Italy)

If questions remain, please contact the headquarters:

Recommended reading list

Our editorial staff


Giovanni Corso – (Milan, Italy)

Consulting Editor

Jaak Ph. Janssens – (Hasselt, Belgium)

Administrative assistant

Francesca Magnoni – (Milan, Italy)

Epidemiology and biostatistics

Carlo La Vecchia
(Milan, Italy)

M. Constanza Camargo
(Bethesda, USA)

Emanuele Crocetti
(Meldola, Italy)

Nutrition and lifestyle

Dagfinn Aune
(London, UK)

Attilio Giacosa
(Milan, Italy)

Clinical genetics

Mark E. Robson
(New York, USA)

Mariarosaria Calvello
(Milan, Italy)


Hepatopancreatobiliary cancers

Igor Smit
(Capelle aan den IJssel, The Netherlands)

Franco Roviello
(Siena, Italy)

Upper gastrointestinal cancers

Marcis Leja
(Riga, Latvia)

Belinda J. Johnston
(London, UK)

Fátima Carneiro
(Porto, Portugal)

Jeremy L. Davis

Raquel van der Post
(Nijmegen, The Netherlands)

Vivian E. Strong
(New York, NY, USA)


Breast cancers

Francesca Magnoni
(Milan, Italy)

Christel Fontaine
(Brussels, Belgium)

Andrea Sibilio
(Forlì-Ravenna, Italy)

Virgilio Sacchini
(New York, USA)

Vanessa Blair
(Auckland, New Zealand)

Andriana Kouloura
(Athens, Greece)

Colorectal cancers

Adam Csordas
(Innsbruck, Austria)

Vladimir D. Dimov
(Skopje, North Macedonia)

Guido Castiglione
(Florence, Italy) 

Lung cancers

Francesco Petrella
(Milan, Italy)

Luca Bertolaccini
(Milan, Italy)

Head and neck cancers

Meric Altinoz
(Istanbul, Turkey)

Sasi S. Senga
(Oxford, UK)

Gynecological cancer

Herman Depypere
(Ghent, Belgium)

Ugo Cavallaro
(Milan, Italy)


Molecular oncobiology and precision oncology

Carla Oliveira
(Porto, Portugal)

Koen Kas
(Schilde, Belgium)

Joana Figueiredo
(Porto, Portugal) 

Urologic cancers

Mohamad M. Saab
(Cork, Ireland)

Francesco Di Bello
(Naples, Italy)

Melanoma and sarcoma

Elisabetta Pennacchioli
(Milan, Italy)

Fabrizio Stracci
(Perugia, Italy)


Health psychology

Cristian Ochoa Arnedo
(Barcelona, Spain)

Gabriella Pravettoni
(Milan, Italy)