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There are many simple but important ways to contribute and even small everyday gestures can make a difference. You could participate in charity events, donate your time as a volunteer, or even share your expertise to inspire others. Together, we can do much more than you can imagine.

When we come together, we become a powerful force for change. We raise money for research and treatments, support patients and their families, and spread awareness about this disease. Each person who joins us brings a light of hope, because we know that together we can make a difference.

Are you ready to do your part? Join us today and show Cancer that we are stronger than him. Together, we can fight this battle and win. Don’t wait any longer, the time to make a difference is now!

Do you want to give your support to ECP researchers? You can make a donation easily and choose the method you prefer. Your contribution will make a real difference to making cancer more curable.

If you want to give even more strength to a cancer-free future, consider making a donation in memory of those who loved you and who left an indelible mark on your life.

Have you ever thought about how much you could do with your 5X1000? You can give a decisive boost to the fight against cancer and support the work of the ECP.


We inform you that donations and memorial donations are deductible for both natural persons and legal entities, as required by art. 83 of Legislative Decree 117 of 3 July 2017. To obtain deductibility, it is important that contributions are paid via the banking or postal system, including online payments by credit card. Make sure you attach the appropriate document to your tax return that certifies the payment made, such as a bank statement, a bank statement or a postal order.
Please note that cash contributions are not eligible for deductibility.


Bequests: a unique choice to support research and advance the fight against cancer.

Have you ever thought about how much you could do to ensure a better future? Choosing to include ECP among the beneficiaries of your inheritance means guaranteeing continuity of the work of researchers and contributing to making cancer increasingly treatable. A legacy for the fight against cancer can make a real difference.

ECP will use the contributions received to help many people defeat the disease, investing in prevention programs, clinical and epidemiological research, as well as training courses for healthcare personnel.

There are good reasons to consider a bequest: firstly, a bequest to a recognized institution is exempt from inheritance tax. Additionally, the value of the bequest is subtracted from the estate tax calculation. This means that by donating your assets to a socially relevant charity, you prevent it from ending up in the state coffers.

Making a bequest is simpler than you might think. You can express your wishes clearly through a “holographic” will, handwritten and signed, which specifies the beneficiary and can include the appointment of a trusted executor. It is important to keep the will in a safe place or deposit it with a notary or a bank.

Another option is the “public” will, drawn up before a notary in the presence of two witnesses and made public after your death. This procedure has a modest cost and is a safe guarantee for the execution of your wishes.

Consider making a bequest to support cancer research. With your gesture, you will be able to leave a lasting impact in the fight against this disease and offer hope to many people.

Join us as a volunteer at the ECP (EUROPEN CANCER PREVENTION ORGANIZATION) and actively contribute to the fight to make cancer more curable.

We are looking for people who want to be passionate about making a difference: for us it is not important who you are, what your story is or how old you are. It is significant for us that you want to become part of the ECP to support the work of our researchers.


Offri il tuo prezioso dono: il tempo. Anche poche ore possono apportare un’impronta significativa.

You will have the opportunity to actively participate in important national initiatives, such as awareness-raising events (to inform and involve a large audience) or accompany our researchers in meetings at schools or public institutions, helping to spread the culture of volunteering.

Join us on this mission to fight cancer. Become a volunteer at ECP and help make a difference. Every single contribution counts in the fight against this disease.


Promote social commitment in your workplace – Is your company doing social marketing actions? Share ECP initiatives and talk about them to your colleagues!

Involve friends – Organize a party and ask your guests to contribute a small donation to ECP projects. It will be an opportunity to be together and make a concrete gesture against cancer.

In schools and universities – Suggest that organizers of school events (such as plays or parties) make a donation to the ECP.

And above all, spread the news! Share these initiatives with as many people as possible. Talk about ECP’s commitment to fighting cancer and invite others to join this cause. Encourage your network of contacts to actively participate and spread the message. Together we can make a difference in the fight against cancer.